Helix Resources is in the business of easing your company of the many concerns of maintaining a strong workforce so that you can focus on getting the work done. Through a thorough screening and onboarding process, we work each day to recruit and review workforce talent, while also managing all Human Resources, Payroll functions, and ACA compliance/reporting on behalf of your company.
Helix's solutions cover the "Full Cycle of Employment." Not only do we offer traditional forms of staffing options such as Temp To Hire, Staff Supplementation, Direct Recruitment, etc. We have developed a unique "Employer of Record" solution that separates Helix from other staffing agencies in the market.
Helix Resources refuses to be just another staffing company that sends the first person who walks through the door to our customers, No Through exhaustive efforts we seek out workers who are consistently highly-qualified, with a wide range of skills and are ready to mobilize to support your operations.

Our Solutions



A staffing option where after a prescribed conversion period, employees roll seamlessly into a direct hire position with the company.



Short-term, project-specific staffing needs



Comprehensive talent package for customers who need help not only attracting quality candidates but need help with retaining that talent after the hire is made.
The package includes:
    • Medical, dental, and vision 401k
    • PTO schedules and paid holidays
    • Staffing services that include liability shift, reduction of overhead, payroll services, etc.

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