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Helix Resources covers all bases of a successful talent acquisition program, but we don't stop there. Helix also has solutions to help our customers with talent retention fostering long term stability within their workforce. This key element is what many of our customers enjoy to drive down attrition and create efficiencies within their operational workflows. Helix is the key to full cycle of employment and retention.

Full Cycle of Employment Management

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No more worrying about managing job boards subscriptions, posting adds, and filtering through 100’s of unqualified applicants. Helix’s Team will handle all of the job posting and resume screening of potential candidates to help meet your talent acquisitions needs. The cost of these services is also covered by 100% by Helix. Meaning if for some reason we can’t find you the right candidates, it doesn’t cost our customers anything. Our team utilizes Helix’s Proactive Recruiting approach to make sure that we keep a steady pipeline of candidates available for our Customers should they need them.
Helix’s Team will handle the initial vetting and interview process to make sure that the candidates we submit to you have the necessary skills and knowledge to add value to your team.
Helix’s Team will manage all pre-employment medical and background screening functions per our customers' protocols. Allowing Helix to manage these functions insures candidates have a smooth transition through the screening process.
After Pre-Employment Screening is complete, Helix will coordinate all of the onboarding functions of candidates to include: orientation, safety training, regulatory reporting and all other hiring processes.
Since these employees will be W2 employees of Helix, the administrative functions of paying employees will be managed 100% by Helix. Wage garnishments, payroll taxes, and regulatory reporting requirements will no longer be a burden to our customers.
Helix takes a different approach with employee benefits than the majority of the staffing companies in the industry. We offer our employees a comprehensive employer sponsored benefit package which includes, medical, dental, vision and 401K. These benefits are not just ACA compliant plans, these are rich plans which helps our customers retain the talent that Helix provides to them.
Nobody wants to have a worker injured on the job, but despite all best efforts, sometimes it does happen. Managing these injuries properly is very important, and can be a huge burden on our Customer's team. Since these employees are W2 employees of Helix, we handle all of the post-accident treatment and insurance tasks associated with our injured worker. Further, Helix also indemnifies our Customers against legal claims that may arise from workplace injuries of of our employees.
Termination can be a very emotional and worrisome process. Not only do you have to break bad news to an employee, but you have to worry about the legal implications of not doing it the correct way. This can really take a toll on hiring managers within your organization. If a Helix employee is failing to meet our customer’s needs, all they have to do is contact one of Helix’s Team members and we will handle all the separation, termination and regulatory/legal compliance issues of terminating an employee.

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